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For the Director

The Director's Guide

Inside the Director's Guide is a scene-by- scene breakdown which highlights key themes, discussion questions for actors and key take-aways.  Each scene also has handouts for relevant constituents, from students to parents to coaches. Handouts include warning signs, how to help a friend and how to improve body image. A special section is devoted to the ad spoofs along with FAQs to prepare student actors to participate thoughtfully in an audience talk-back session after the show. Also there are suggestions for finding eating disorder professionals to participate in the audience talk-back session along with other helpful resources.


The show can be cast with as few as 12 and as many as 25 actors. Most parts can be played by a male or female actor. If possible, include a diverse cast with regard to gender, ethnicity and body type. 

Show Kit

The Show Kit includes:

  • pdf of reproducible script

  • pdf of musical score

  • pdf of the Director's Guide with handouts

  • jpg of WEK logos for promotional materials (programs, posters, T-shirts)

  • CD of accompanying piano tracks

Check out this video of the UMass production, Feb 2017. 

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