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"The show holds up a mirror to our society's irrational, unhealthy thoughts and attitudes of which we are all victims and did a great job portraying the the varying degrees of perpetuating these attitudes through the different characters, and despite the variation they still all fell somewhere on the spectrum. There is a common thread and we all play a part. Bravo!"    ~ Eating Disorder Sufferer

Click here to check out a podcast from the UMass "Daily Collegian," featuring an interview with Senior Kate Leddy about her experience producing/directing the show.  

Kate Leddy was featured as a "Proud2BMe Rockstar" by NEDA. This interview highlights her work as an advocate and activist and explores why she picked the show "What's Eating Katie?" as her Senior project in public health. 

"I learned that reaching out to someone who needs help can change a life. I've also become more confident about my own body image."

                                           ~WEK Actress

"What's Eating Katie? is a compassionate, insightful, funny look at the many factors which contribute to the development of an eating disorder and quite possibly a bridge to treatment and healthful living."

                           ~ Eating Disorder Therapist ​

Since being in the show, I have stopped saying "I feel fat" or "I look gross" to my friends. That just makes them think it's OK for them to say the same things.

                                          ~WEK Actress

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